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Q. How do I register?

A. You can do a simple register by using the contact us form on the Main Page down the bottom or you can buy a ticket the Main Registration / compatibility Form will be sent to you 


Q. Which Age Group should I buy a ticket for?

A. Normally you would buy the Age Group you belong to.

However sometimes you may choose to go in a lower or higher Age Group.


Q. I've bought a ticket when will my Event be?

A. If you haven't seen your Event for your Age Group it means we dont have enough people - be patient, your ticket doesn't expire


Q. I dont want to be with other Age Groups

A. You will be in the Age Group that you choose to be in for example 38-48 years


Q. I dont live near to the advertised Events will you come closer to me?

A. We will come to areas that we have members in. If you buy a ticket we will head to your Area within reason of course





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