It was an enjoyable dinner and all the women were friendly I only got to really talk to 3 of them and they were nice.

Thank you for a fabulous night:

I met some wonderful people, the food was amazing and the night was an experience I would definitely do again.

Hi Clarinda


Thanks for your email.  What a successful night for you!  Congratulations!  It was so much fun and it was great that at the end everyone stayed for a bit, and I got to chat with other local women.  I've been telling my friends how great it was and they are keen to check it out too.


Brad has already been in contact, thank you.  I'm happy to have Jeff and Craig's numbers if they agree.  Still working out how this works.  


Looking forward to my catch up with Brad today and hopefully Steve and I can catch up soon.


Great idea, thanks so much.


Was a great night , restaurant and company lovely

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