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Hi Clarinda

It was an enjoyable dinner and all the women were friendly I only got to really talk to 3 of them and they were nice.

Thanks John

Hi Clarinda

Thank you for a fabulous night:

I met some wonderful people, the food was amazing and the night was an experience I would definitely do again.

Cheers Steve

Hi Clarinda

Thanks for checking in. What a lovely evening! All well thought out and set up, good for you! I think the system is streamlined quite well, nothing I could critique or recommend from an organisational perspective.

The group were all friendly and cohesive so that was a pleasant bonus. The venue was ideal, location and  price-wise and the outdoor balcony worked a treat.

Everyone mixed and moved around post-dinner so we all managed to touch base with one another. It went as well as can be expected. 

Anyone special? No, not this time, but thanks for asking and for the opportunity. 

Have a lovely weekend, Clarinda. Until next time, 

Cheers Noeline

Good Evening

Clarinda it was a great bunch of lovely people. Venue was great too!

Thanks Steve

Hi Clarinda

Nicky and I have a date this Saturday , we hit it off straight away

Thanks Jason

Hi Clarinda

Thanks for your email.  What a successful night for you!  Congratulations!  It was so much fun and it was great that at the end everyone stayed for a bit, and I got to chat with other local women.  I've been telling my friends how great it was and they are keen to check it out too.

Brad was the first to contact me, after our Speed Dating, thank you.

And Im happy for the others to have my phone number!

Looking forward to my catch up with them too!

Great idea, thanks so much.


Hi Clarinda

The night went really well, everyone enjoyed the Dinner.

Steve and I are going on a date this Saturday 

Thank you  Stef

Hello Clarinda

Was a great night , restaurant and company lovely

Thank you 


Hi Clarinda, 

It was a really good night. Everyone was very nice, and great to talk to, and I really had a lovely night. Thank you

I personally felt no connection with anyone in particular, but I think my friend was a little interested in ..... from .........  Sean was interesting and I would be open to catching up purely for a platonic coffee or meal as he was very interesting. 

The venue was great and the meal delicious, so defina\tely recommend that restaurant again. 

Cheers Jenny

Hi Clarinda , I had a really nice night, I thought Josh was very handsome and would love to see him again , thanks Tina

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